Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 35 Number 4

Next Issue: Vol. 36, No. 1, (2001)

Previous Issue: Vol. 35, No. 3, (2000)

Local Impacts of Coal Mines and Power Plants across Canada. I. Thallium in Waters and Sediments. V. Cheam, G. Garbai, J. Lechner and J. Rajkumar. Page 581

Local Impacts of Coal Mines and Power Plants across Canada. II. Metals, Organics and Toxicity in Sediments. V. Cheam, T. Reynoldson, G. Garbai, J. Rajkumar and D. Milani. Page 609

Review of the Persistence, Bioaccumulation and Toxicity of Tributyltin in Aquatic Environments in Relation to Canada's Toxic Substances. R. James Maguire. Page 633

Occurrence and Seasonal Variation of Tributyltin in Marinas on Lake Ontario, Canada. Fan Yang and R. James Maguire. Page 681

Estimating the Relative Leaching Potential of Herbicides in Alberta Soils. B.D. Hill, J.J. Miller, K.N. Harker, S.D. Byers, D.J. Inaba, C. Zhang. Page 693

Preferential Leaching of Water and Chloride in a Clay Loam Soil as Affected by Tillage and Rainfall Intensity. J.J. Miller, B.J. Lamond, N.J. Sweetland and F.J. Larney. Page 711

Timing of Nitrate Leaching from Turfgrass after Multiple Fertilizer Applications. J.W. Roy, G.W. Parkin and C. Wagner-Riddle. Page 735

Comparative Study of the Sediment-Toxicity Index, Benthic Community Metrics and Contaminant Concentrations. Manon Bombarier and Christian Blaise. Page 753

Review of Water Quality Impacts of Winter Operation of Urban Drainage. G.L. Oberts, J. Marsalek and M. Viklander. Page 781

The First Marine Biological Station in Canada: Highlights of Environmental Research at St. Andrews. V. Zitko and D.J. Wildish. Page 809.