Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 34 Number 3

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Overview of Impacts of Recent Land and Channel Changes in Eastern Ontario. A. Watelet and P. G. Johnson. Page 361

Developing Biological Endpoints for Defining Virtual Elimination: a Case Study for PCDDs and PCDFs. M.R. Servos, J.L. Parrott, J.P. Sherry and S.B. Brown. Page 391

Monitoring Agricultural Drainage Ditches and the Receiving Water (Nicomekl River, Surrey, B.C.) for Toxicity to Ceriodaphnia dubia and Probable Cause Due to Organophosphate Contamination. M.J. McLeay and K.J. Hall. Page 423.

Evaluation of Polyalkastyrene Absorbent Beads for the Remediation of PCE in Groundwater. M.Venhuis, S. Lesage, K.R. Millar and A.S. Crowe. Page 455

Potential for Municipal Sewage Sludge Application on Agricultural Lands in Southern Quebec. L. Vasseur, W. Shipley and C. Ansseau. Page 469

Sorption of Heavy Metals from Synthetic Metal Solutions and Industrial Wastewater Using Plant Materials. Sameer Al-Asheh and Zdravko Duvnjak. Page 481

Fly Ash for Colour Removal from Synthetic Dye Solutions. T. Viraraghavan and K.R. Ramakrishna. Page 505

Interference of Aluminum in Copper Biosorption by an Algal Biosorbent. Hak Sung Lee and Bohumil Volesky. Page 519

Extraction and Determination of RDX and HMX in Water. Eny M. Vieira and Francis I. Onuska. Page 533