Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 32 Number 4

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Previous Issue: Vol. 32, No. 3, (1997)

Impacts of Municipal Wastewater Effluents on Canadian Waters: a Review. P.A. Chambers, M. Allard, S.L. Walker, J. Marsalek, J. Lawrence, M. Servos, J. Busnarda, K.S. Munger, K. Adare, C. Jefferson, R.A. Kent and M.P. Wong. Page 659

Réduction de la demande en chlore et des précurseurs de sous-produits de désinfection par une ozonation suivie d'une biodégradation : effets de la reminéralisation. Charles J. Zoungrana, Raymond Desjardins et Michele Prevost. Page 715

Sewage Treatment Challenges and Opportunities in the Nottawasaga River Watershed. R. Mark Palmer. Page 733

Multielement Relationships Characterizing the Chemical Composition of Municipal Sewage Sludge in Southern Quebec. C. Bellehumeur, L. Vasseur, C. Ansseau and B. Marcos. Page 751

CTMP Wastewater Treatment Using a Rotating Biological Contactor. R.G. Mathys, R.M.R. Branion, K.V. LO, K.B. Anderson, P. Leyen and D. Louie. Page 771

Characterization of Treated Effluent from a Chemithermomechanical Pulping Process Using Macroporous Resins. K.M. Agbekodo, P.M. Huck, S.A. Andrews and S. Peldszus. Page 795

Heavy Metals and PAHs in Stormwater Runoff from the Skyway Bridge, Burlington, Ontario. J. Marsalek, B. Brownlee, T. Mayer, S. Lawal and G.A. Larkin. Page 815

Estimation of Xenobiotic Effects on the Peroxidase-Dependent Plant Immunity as a Means of Ecological Control. V.V. Rogovine, V.M. Mushtakova and V.A. Fomina. Page 829

The Effect of Ambient Concentrations of Chlorate on Survival of Freshwater Aquatic Invertebrates. L.M. Dosdall, L.R. Goodwin, R.J. Casey and L. Noton. Page 839

Erratum. Feed Forward Back-Propagation Neural Networks and their Use in Predicting the Acute Toxicity of Chemicals to the Fathead Minnow. K.L.E. Kaiser, S.P. Niculescu and G. Schüürmann. Page 855