Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 32 Number 3

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Occurrence of Organotin Compounds in the Canadian Aquatic Environment Five Years after the Regulation of Antifouling Uses of Tributyltin. Y.K. Chau, R.J. Maguire, M. Brown, F. Yang and S.P. Batchelor. Page 453.

Hydrogeochemistry of Toxic Elements in Urbanized Geotechnical Systems. S.N. Volkov. Page 523.

Content of 3,4-Benzopyrene in Sediments of Lake Ladoga, Neva River and Eastern Gulf of Finland System. G.T. Frumin and N.L. Krylenkova. Page 541.

Manganese Greensand for Removal of Arsenic in Drinking Water. K.S. Subramanian, T. Viraraghavan, T. Phommavong and S. Tanjore. Page 551.

A Case Study of Combined Sewer Overflow Pollution: Assessment of Sources and Receiving Water Effects. Daniel Sztruhar, Marek Sokac, Jiri Marsalek, Eleonora Frankova, Lubomir Hyanek, Dusan Rusnak, Stefan Stanko, Jan Ilavsky and Juraj Namer. Page 563.

Persistence of Volatile Organic Compounds in Sludge Treated Soils. M.D. Webber, J.D. Goodin, P.J.A. Fowlie, R.L. Hong-You and J. Legault. Page 579

Created and Restored Marshes in the Lower Fraser River, British Columbia: Summary of their Functioning as Fish Habitat. CD. Levings and D.J.H. Nishimura. Page 599.

Uptake and Bioconcentration of 2,2',4,4',5,5'-Hexachlorobiphenyl by Lotic Periphyton. R.M. Sallenave and K.E. Day. Page 619

Feed Forward Backpropagation Neural Networks and their Use in Predicting the Acute Toxicity of Chemicals to the Fathead Minnow. Klaus L.E. Kaiser, Stefan P. Niculescu and Gerrit sch├╝├╝rmann. Page 637.