Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 32 Number 2

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Preface. J. Barica and R.J. Allan. Page 227

Introduction What is Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration? R.J. Allan. Page 229

Systemic Barriers to the Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems. J. Ellsworth. Page 235

The Role of the Neighbourhood in Rehabilitation of an Urban Aquatic Ecosystem. K.W. Dance. Page 245

Stream Channel and Riparian Zone Rehabilitation in the Dauphin Lake Watershed, Manitoba. M.N. Gaboury, R.A. Janusz and K.E. Broughton. Page 257

Lake Management Based on Lime Application and Hypolimnetic Oxygenation: the Experience in Eutrophic Hardwater Lakes in Alberta. E.E. Prepas, T.P. Murphy, W.P. Dinsmore, J.M. Burke, P.A. Chambers and S. Reedyk. Page 273

Restoration of an Interior Lake Ecosystem: the Kootenay Lake Fertilization Experiment. K. Ashley, L.C. Thompson, D.C. Lasenby, L. McEachern, K.E. Smokorowski and D. Sebastian. Page 295

The Watershed Restoration Program of British Columbia: Accelerating Natural Recovery Processes. P.A. Slaney and A.D. Martin. Page 325

The Return of Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar to Trout Lake, North Bay, Ontario. D. Maraldo, B. Bowman and M. Gillies. Page 347

Water Quality Improvements during Hypolimnetic Oxygenation in Two Ontario Lakes. A.F. Gemza. Page 365

Coping with Water Quality Problems due to Hypolimnetic Anoxia in Central Ontario Lakes. G. Nurnberg. Page 391

The Sewage Issue in Hamilton Harbour: Implications of Population Growth for the Remedial Action Plan. M.N. Charlton. Page 407-420

Sediment Resuspension and Dissolved Oxygen Levels Associated with Ship Traffic: Implications for Habitat Remediation. K.N. Irvine, I.G. Droppo, T.P. Murphy and A. Lawson. Page 421

Preliminary Results of Demonstration Capping Project in Hamilton Harbour. A.J. Zeman and T.S. Patterson. Page 439