Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 30 Number 3

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Foreword. Allan Crowe and Paul Milburn. Page 363

Prediction of Pesticide Leaching on a Watershed Basis: Methodology and Application. W.D. Reynolds, R. de Jong, I.J. van Wesenbeeck and R.S. Clemente. Page 365

Pesticide Leaching Associated with Conventional Potato and Corn Production in Atlantic Canada. P. Milburn, D.A. Leger. H. O'Neill, J.E. Richards, J.A. MacLeod and K. MacQuarrie. Page 383

Investigation of Pesticides in Groundwater at Three Irrigated Sites near Outlook, Saskatchewan. D.C. McNaughton and A.S. Crowe. Page 399

Pesticides, Nitrate-N and Bacteria in Farm Wells of Kings County, Nova Scotia. David R. Briggins and Dennis E. Moerman. Page 429

Susceptibility of Groundwater to Pesticide and Nitrate Contamination in Predisposed Areas of Southwestern Ontario. Wray Lampman. Page 443

Investigation and Remediation of Groundwater Contamination at a Pesticide Facility — a Case Study. R.S. Carter, W.H. Stiebel, P.J. Nalasco and D.L. Pardieck. Page 469

Mesocosms for Subsurface Research. J.R. Lawrence and M.J. Hendry. Page 493

Atrazine in Surface and Subsurface Runoff as Affected by Cultural Practices. J.D. Gaynor, C.S. Tan, C.F. Drury, I.J. van Wesenbeeck. Page 513

Seasonal Loadings of Atrazine and Metolachlor to a Southeastern Ontario River from Surface Runoff and Groundwater Discharge. J.D. Fischer, B.E. Apedaile and L.K. Vanclief. Page 533

Short Communication - Canadian Water Quality Guidelines as Indicators of Sustainable Agriculture. Pierre-Yves Caux. Page 555