Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 30 Number 1

Next Issue: Vol. 30, No. 2, (1995)

Previous Issue: Vol. 29, No. 4, (1994)

Editorial: Obituary / Alfred S.Y. Chau. Page ii

Foreword. John Lawrence and Jennie Jingyi Liu. Page iii

Quality Assurance for Environmental Monitoring. John Lawrence and Keijo I. Aspila. Page 1

Environmental Chemical Behaviour of Metal Contaminants in Aquatic Environments in China. J.Y. Liu, Y.H. Lin and M.Z. Mao. Page 9

Mobilization of Mercury from Estuarine Suspended Particulate Matter: A Case Study in the Yalujiang Estuary, Northeast China. Chen Jingsheng, Tang Fei and Wang Feiyue. Page 25

Occurrence of Butyltin Compounds in Tianjin and Dalian Harbours, China. Dai Shugui, Huang Guolan and Cai Yong. Page 33

Heavy Metal Pollution in Sediments and Waters of the Penang River, Malaysia. Chye-Eng Seng, Poh-Eng Lim, Poh-Kim Chong and Lee-Mai Wong. Page 39

Water Quality Modelling for an Estuary in Johore. Hock-Lye Koh, Poh-Eng Lim and Hooi-Ling Lee. Page 45

Photocatalytic Discolouration of Solutions of Reactive Dyes in the Presence of H2O2. Deng Nansheng, Tian Shizhong and Xia Mei. Page 53

Sunlight Photocatalytic Degradation of o-Chloroaniline. You Daoxin, Chen Yongsheng and Dai Shugui. Page 61

The Use of Biological and Chemical Parameters to Determine the Toxicity and Bioaccumulation of Wastewaters. Linlin Zhang and Xiaoran Sun. Page 69

Study of a New Adsorbent for Fluoride Removal from Waters. Wang Rongshu, Li Haiming, Na Ping and Wang Ying. Page 81

Removal of Oil from Concentrated Wastewater by Attapulgite and Coagulant. Qiu Zunan, Zhang Yi and Fang Yuqiao. Page 89

Biodegradation of Lubricating Oils in Aquatic Environments. Yongming Xie, J.K. Bewtra, N. Biswas and M. Franklin. Page 101

Renovated Water Reuse from Rapid Infiltration System. Duan ZhenBo, Wang Shang ShaoTang, Li RuQi, Wu XureQing and Gao Erjing. Page 111

Recent Advances in Treatment of Selected Hazardous Wastes. J.K. Bewtra, N. Biswas, W.D. Henderson and J.A. Nicell. Page 115

Improving the Operation of Wastewater Treatment Systems by Automatic Control. Gustaf Olsson. Page 127

Water Pollution Control Measures in Taiwan. Robert G. Lao and Youn Y. Shu. Page 143