Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 29 Number 2&3

Next Issue: Vol. 29, No. 4, (1994)

Previous Issue: Vol. 29, No. 1, (1994)

Preface: Canada-Russia Cooperation on Large Lake Research. R.J. Allan. Page vii

Editorial. C.R. Murthy. Page viii

Physical Limnology and Water Quality Modeling of North American Great Lakes. Part I. Physical Processes. C.R. Murthy and W.M. Schertzer. Page 129

Physical Limnology and Water Quality Modelling of North American Great Lakes. Part II. Water Quality Modelling. W.M. Schertzer and C.R. Murthy. Page 157

Phosphorus Dynamics in Riverine Lakes. B.C. Kenney. Page 185

Initial Implementation of the Great Lakes Forecasting System: A Real-Time System for Predicting Lake Circulation and Thermal Structure. D.J. Schwab and K.W. Bedford. Page 203

Mixed Layer Models and Their Application to Water Quality Problems. M.J. McCormick. Page 221

Studies of Bottom Ekman Layer Processes and Mid-Lake Upwelling in the Laurentian Great Lakes. James H. Saylor. Page 233

Boundary Layer Models for Inverse Estimates of Entrainment and Related Processes at the Sediment-Water Interface. K. W. Bedford and O. W. Wai. Page 247

Transfer Function Model for Current to Wind. J. Virta and A.-R. Elo. Page 281

Operational Model and its Validation with Drift Tests in Water Areas Around the Baltic Sea. J. Koponen, M. Virtanen, H. Vepsa and E. Alasaarela. Page 293

Modelling Sedimentation and Resuspension in Lakes. V. Podsetchine and T. Huttula. Page 309

Hydrodynamic and Ecological Models for the Gulf of Finland. Rein Tamsalu, Kai Myberg and Juha Sarkkula. Page 343

Hydrodynamics of Lakes Ladoga and Onega. D.V. Beletsky, N.N. Filatov and R.A. Ibraev. Page 365

Application of Remote Sensing in the Visible Spectrum for Hydrodynamic Studies in Lakes. K. Ya. Kondratyev and D.V. Pozdnyakov. Page 385

Thermal Processes in Lake Onega. P.M. Boyarinov, N.I. Palshin and M.P. Petrov. Page 403

Some Aspects of the Thermal Regime of Large Lakes: Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega. M.A. Naumenko. Page 423