Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 29 Number 1

Next Issue: Vol. 29, No. 2&3, (1994)

Previous Issue: Vol. 28, No. 4, (1993)

Phosphorus Removal from Aerated Lagoons Using Alum, Ferric Chloride and Lime. K. Subba Narasiah, C. Morasse and J. Lemay. Page 1

Septic Tank Effluent Treatment Using Laboratory-Scale Peat Filters. R.N. Coleman and I.D. Gaudet. Page 19

Lixiviation biologique des métaux lourds et stabilisation des boues municipales. H. Benmoussa*, R.D. Tyagi*, P.G.C. Campbell et J.F. Blais. Page 39

Value of Supplemental Air in Improving RBC Performance. Rao y. Surampalli, Rudy J. Tekippe and E. Robert Baumann. Page 53

An Alternative Approach for Computation of Annual Toxic Contaminant Loadings in Urban Runoff. P. Xu, J. Marsalek and I.K. Tsanis. Page 75

Characterization of the Chemical Constituents and Toxicity to Aquatic Organisms of a Municipal Landfill Leachate. W.R. Ernst, P. Hennigar, K. Doe, S. Wade and G. Julien. Page 89

Sediment Records of Man's Activities in the Kootenay Lake Drainage Basin. R.W. Macdonald, E.C. Carmack and C.H. Pharo. Page 103

Microbiological Study of the Carboxylation of Phenols by Methanogenic Fermentation: A Summary. J.-G. Bisaillon, R. Beaudet, F. Lépine and M. Sylvestre. Page 117