Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 28 Number 3

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Foreword. Eric Hall. Page vii.

The Acid-Phase Anaerobic Digestion of Primary Sludge and Its Role in the Biological Phosphorus Removal Process. P. Elefsiniotis and W.K. Oldham. Page 513

An Overview of Constructed Wetlands as Alternatives to Conventional Waste Treatment Systems. Hugh Hamilton, Peter G. Nix and André Sobolewski. Page 529

Anaerobic-Aerobic Lagoon Treatment of Kraft Mill Effluent for Enhanced Removal of AOX. E.G.-H. Lee, M.F. Crowe and H. Stutz. Page 549

Bench-Scale Testing of Activated Sludge Treatment for a TMP Wastewater. Susan F. Liver, Henry K. Miyamoto and Steve A. Black. Page 571

Anaerobic Treatment of Cheese Dairy Wastewater Using the SNC Bioreactor. Catherine N. Mulligan, Bechara F. Safi, Jacques Meunier and Jean Chebib. Page 597

Biofiltration Pilot Test at the Daishowa Pulp and Paper Mill Using the Biocarbone Process. François A. Séguin, Bruno Tremblay, Ronald Zaloum, Pierre Lavallée and Serge Lapointe. Page 621

Sulphur Management Strategies in Anaerobic Treatment of a BCTMP/TMP Effluent. R.J. Stephenson, R.M.R. Branion and K.L. Pinder. Page 635