Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 28 Number 2

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Application of Molecular Biology Techniques for Isolating and Monitoring Pollutant-Degrading Bacteria. Charles Greer, Luke Masson, Yves Comeau, Roland Brousseau, and Rejean Samson. Page 275

Comparison of Captor System with Other Fixed-Film Media Nitrification Systems. Shankha K. Banerji and Min-Hsin Liu. Page 289

WQTA - A Water Quality Trend Analysis Program. I.K. Tsanis. Page 311

A Probabilistic Model for the Determination of Acid Rain Levels. Serge B. Provost and Rajesh K. Barnwal. Page 337

Recycling Human Waste: Composting Toilets as a Remedial Action Plan Option for Hamilton Harbour. Wendy Wynia, Anne Sudar and Gary Jones. Page 355

Use of Fly Ash in the Removal of Copper, Nickel and Zinc from Wastewater. Wendy Wynia, Anne Sudar, and Gary Jones. Page 369

Réponse de la flore bactérienne de l'estuaire du Saint-Laurent à un éventuel déversement de pétrole. R Siron, É. Pelletier, D. Delille et C. Brochu. Page 385

Water at the Outlet of the St. Lawrence River Part I - Sampling and Major Cations. C. Barbeau, J.-B. Sérodes and M. Paquet. Page 415

Water at the Outlet of the St. Lawrence River Part II - Suspended Matter and Solid Loadings from 1989 to 1991. C. Barbeau, J.-B. Sérodes and J.-E. Côté. Page 433

St. Clair River Head and Mouth Water Quality Monitoring, 1987-89. C. H. Chan. Page 451

Trends in Nutrients, Major Ions, Physical Water Quality Parameters and Trace Metals in the Niagara River from 1975 to 1989. K.W. Kuntz and I.K. Tsanis. Page 473

Flux of PCBs into Water in Little Lake, Peterborough, Ontario. C.D. Metcalfe, M.L. Ferguson and T.L. Metcalfe. Page 495

Erratum. Page 513