Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 27 Number 2

Next Issue: Vol. 27, No. 3, (1992)

Previous Issue: Vol. 27, No. 1, (1992)

Editorial : A Note from the Editor. Jan Barica. Page iv

Foreword : Why Urban Lakes?. R.J. Allan. Page v

Sustainable Management of Urban Lakes: A New Environmental Challenge. J. Barica. Page 211

Management of Water Cycle: An Approach to Urban Ecology. W. Ripl. Page 221

Rationale and Implementation of a Strategy to Restore Urban Lakes in Berlin: Results after Ten Years of Phosphorus Removal. Günter Klein. Page 239

Restoring Hamilton Harbour. G. Keith Rodgers. Page 257

Lake Paranoá, Brasilia, Brazil: Integrated Management Plan for its Restoration. Sonia Paulino Mattos, Irene Guimarães Altafin, Hélio José de Freitas, Cristine Gobbato Brandão Cavalcanti and Vera Regina Estuqui Alves. Page 271

Approaches to Urban Lakes Assessment and Restoration in Poland. Danuta Kudelska. Page 287

Survey of the Ecological State of Eight Man-Made Lakes Within the City Limits of Freiburg, Germany. Agnes G. Pulvermüller and Heidulf E. Müller. Page 301

Evidence of Recent Eutrophication of an Urban Lake in Nanjing, China. M. D. Dickman. Page 311

Artificial Marshes to Maintain Water Quality: The Beach of Ile Notre-Dame, Montréal. Gilles Vincent. Page 327

Restoration and Environmental Sustainability of a Small British Columbia Urban Lake. T. G. Northcote and B. Luksun. Page 341

Application of Lime and Alum to Stormwater Retention Lakes to Improve Water Quality. J. Babin, E. E. Prepas and Y. Zhang. Page 365

Management Strategies for Eutrophication and Macrophyte Growth in Two Urban Lakes in Saint-Bruno, Quebec. Roland Leduc and M. Robin Anderson. Page 383

Retrofitting Stormwater Ponds for Water Quality Control. J. Marsalek, W. E. Watt and D. Henry. Page 403