Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 26 Number 2

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Metal Concentration in Sediments (Bottom and Suspended) of St. Marys River, Ontario/Michigan. A. Mudroch. Page 119

Occurrence of Dyes in the Yamaska River, Qu├ębec. Richard J. Tkacz and R. James Maguire. Page 145

Freshwater Bacterial Aggregate Development: Effect of Dissolved Organic Matter. S.S. Rao, I.G. Droppo, C.M. Taylor, B.K. Burnison. Page 163

Growth of Bacterioplankton on Dissolved Organic Carbon in Hamilton Harbour and Western Lake Ontario. Ruzena Markosova. Page 173

Sorption and Desorption of Cu(II) by Ganoderma Lucidum. Jose T. Miatheickal, Leela Iyengar, C. Venkobachar. Page 187

Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Conditions in Clarifiers. J.A. McCorquodale, E.M. Yuen, Z. Vitasovic, R. Samstag. Page 201

A Computerized Algorithm for the Design and Analysis of Step-Feed Activated Sludge/Sedimentation Systems. Oswaldo Moreno, Roland Leduc, Ronald Gehr. Page 223