Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 25 Number 3

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Emergency Response Spill Cleanup of Wood Treating Waste. P.J. Connell and T.A. Mar. Page 265.

Characterization of Groundwater Contaminants at Elmira, Ontario, by Thermal Desorption, Solvent Extraction GC-MS and HPLC. S. Lesage, J.K. Ritch and E.J. Treciokas. Page 275.

Assessing the Migration and Transformation of Pesticides in the Subsurface :The Role of Expert Systems. A.S. Crowe and J.P. Mutch. Page 293

Simple Models of the Circulation, Dissolved Metals, Suspended Solids and Nutrients in Halifax Harbour. B. Petrie and P. Yeats. Page 325.

Hamilton Harbour Water Clarity Response to Nutrient Abatement. S. Painter, L. Hampson and E. S. Millard. Page 351

Ammonia and Nitrite Contamination of Hamilton Harbour, Lake Ontario. J. Barica. Page 359.