Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 24 Number 2

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Treatment of a Petrochemical Wastewater in an Anaerobic Packed Bed Reactor. W. Parker and G. J. Farquhar. Page 195

Indirect Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Organics from Water Matrix Samples. Janusz B. Pawliszyn and Nick Alexandrou. Page 207

Isotopic and Diatom Evidence of Bacterial Sulphate Reduction in Sediments. S. S. Rao, M. D. Dickman and H. G. Thode. Page 215

Use of a Chi-Squared Procedure for Comparison of Complex Gas Chromatograms. C. E. Rodger, P. M. Huck, S. A. Daignault and D. T. Williams. Page 233

Lake Renewal Rate and Water Quality Implications. Danuta M. Kudelska. Page 255

An Economic Analysis of Conservation Tillage as a Sediment Control Strategy on Southwestern Ontario Cropland. Glenn Fox and Ed Dickson. Page 265

Costs and Consequences of Uncontrolled Toxic Waste Sites Along The Niagara River. Anne Sudar and Tom Muir. Page 279

Reductive Dehalogenation of Environmental Contaminants: A Critical Review. R. M. Baxter. Page 299

The Application of Ecological Modelling to Toxic Contaminants and Ecosystem Stress. Efraim Halfon. Page 323