Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 23 Number 4

Next Issue: Vol. 24, No. 1, (1989)

Previous Issue: Vol. 23, No. 3, (1988)

Water Quality Branch Special Issue. Paul H. Whitfield and Evan R. Watt. Page i

National Water Quality Index Network Options to Consider. Roy E. Kwiatkowski. Page 476

Alternative Approaches to the Monitoring of Toxic Organic Compounds in Surface Waters. H.H. Vaughan and J. Zakrevsky. Page 488

Developing Canadian Water Quality Pesticide Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic Life. Michael P. Wong and Robert A. Kent. Page 500

Designing Site-Specific Water Quality Objectives and Monitoring. D. Valiela and P.H. Whitfield. Page 510

Identification of Surface Water Acidification Sources in Nova Scotia. Geoff Howell, Ron Gélinas, and Jan Slaats. Page 520

Temporal Patterns of Acidification of Rivers in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and their Relationship to Sulphate Emissions. G.D. Howell, P.E.J. Green, C.A. Field and B. Freedman. Page 532

Tendances temporelles de la qualité physico-chimique de l'eau du fleuve Saint-Laurent (Tronçon Cornwall-Quebec) au cours de la période 1955 a 1986. L. Désilets, C. Langlois, A. Lamarche et D. Cluis. Page 542

Temporal Variability of Phosphorus Levels in the Flathead River at the International Border. D.D. MacDonald, D. Valiela and S.J. Brown. Page 556

A New Life for the St. Croix River. Harold S. Bailey. Page 568

Evaluation of a Large-Volume Extractor for Determining Trace Organic Contaminant Levels in the Great Lakes. M. Neilson and R. Stevens. Page 578

Distribution of Organic Contaminants in Water and Suspended Solids of the Rainy River. John C. Merriman. Page 590

Contamination des eaux et des sédiments en suspension du fleuve Saint-Laurent par les pesticides organochlores, les biphényles polychlores et d'autres contaminants organiques prioritaires. A. Germain et C. Langlois. Page 602