Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 23 Number 2

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Water Exchange Between Lake Ontario and Hamilton Harbour: Water Quality Implications. J. Barica, D.J. Poulton, B. Kohli and M.N. Charlton. Page 213

Sensibilité des alevine vésicules du saumon atlantique à l'acidité en présence et en absence d'aluminium inorganique. Lise Parent, Pierre Couture, Peter G.C. Campbell and Bertrand Dubreuil. Page 227

Satellite Observations of Sediment Transport Patterns in the Lac Saint-Pierre Region of the St. Lawrence River. J.E. Bruton, J.H. Jerome and R.P. Bukata. Page 243

Sorption of the Pesticide Aldicarb by Soil: Its Mobility Through a Saturated Medium in the Presence of Dissolved Organic Matter. P. Lafrance, L. Ait-ssi, O. Banton, P.G.C. Campbell and J.P. Villeneuve. Page 253

Review of Field Applications of the Microtox Test in Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Waters. Klaus L.E. Kaiser, Ken R. Lum and Virginia S. Palabrica. Page 270

Determination of Biomass in Activated Sludge Containing Large Quantities of Carbonaceous Solid Carriers. PR. Senthilnathan and J. J. Ganczarczyk. Page 279

Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in the Surface Microlayer and Subsurface Water of the Niagara River, 1985-86. R. James Maguire and Richard J. Tkacz. Page 292

Impaired Swimming Performance of Acid-exposed Arctic Charr, Salvelinus Alpinus L. L.A. Hunter and E. Scherer. Page 301

Selection of the Most Appropriate Leachate Treatment Methods: Part 1: A Review of Potential Biological Leachate Treatment Methods. D.J.L. Forgie. Page 308

Selection of the Most Appropriate Leachate Treatment Methods: Part 2: A Review of Recirculation, Irrigation and Potential Physical-chemical Treatment Methods. D.J.L. Forgie. Page 329

Selection of the Most Appropriate Leachate Treatment Methods: Part 3: A Decision Model for the Treatment Train Selection. D.J.L. Forgie. Page 341