Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 22 Number 4

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Previous Issue: Vol. 22, No. 3, (1987)

Foreword: Northern Water Quality Monitoring Workshop Northwest Territories Yellowknife May 4-7, 1987. Page vii

Terrain Geochemistry Surveys, Permafrost Studies, and Arctic Limnology, District of Keewatin, N.W.T.: Implications for Water Quality Monitoring in the North. Tom W.D. Edwards, R.A. Klassen and W.W. Shilts. Page 505

Impacts on River Discharge of Changes in Glacierized Components of Mountain Basins. Peter G. Johnson and Claude David. Page 518

Etude préliminaire de la qualité des eaux de surface de 15 cours d'eau majeurs du Nouveau-Québec. C. Langlois. Page 530

Improving Aquatic Environmental Impact Assessment in Canada — A Northern Case Study. William F. A. Duncan and Elizabeth M. Neil. Page 545

The Impact of Effluents from a Uranium Mine and Mill Complex in Northern Saskatchewan on Contaminant Concentrations in Receiving Waters and Sediments. Thomas P. Hynes, Randy M. Schmidt, Tim Meadley and Neill A. Thompson. Page 559

Treatment of and Gold Recovery from Effluent at Giant Yellowknife Mines Limited. G.B. Halverson and T.R. Raponi. Page 570

The Influence of Surface Coal Mining on Potential Salmonid Spawning Habitat in the Fording River, British Columbia. D.D. MacDonald and L.E. McDonald. Page 584

Radiological Monitoring Activities in the Northwest Territories, Canada. A.S. Baweja, S.R. Joshi, D.J. Sutherland and B. Olding. Page 596

Determination of Hydrocarbon Uptake and Effects on Mackenzie River Fishes Using Bile Analysis. J.D. Morgan, G.A. Vigers, P.G. Nix, and J.M. Park. Page 604

Hydrocarbons and Complaints About Fish Quality in the Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories, Canada. W.L. Lockhart, D.A. Metner, D.A.J. Murray and D.C.G. Muir. Page 616

Northern Water Quality Monitoring Workshop Observations, Conclusions, Recommendations. R.E. Kwiatkowski, B. Olding, H. Vaughan and P. Whitfield. Page 629