Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 22 Number 3

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Organochlorine Residues in Brook Trout and Yellow Perch From New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (Canada) Lakes. R. Peterson and S. Ray. Page 352

Lake Superior Atmospheric Wet Deposition 1980-1983. C.H. Chan and L.H. Perkins. Page 365

An Investigation of the Factors Affecting the Removal of Fulvic Acid From Water by Aluminum and Polymers. Evangelos Diamadopoulos and Donald R. Woods. Page 377

La toxicité léthale aiguë des effluents industriels au Québec vis-à-vis de la truite arc-en-ciel. C. Blaise et G. Costan. Page 385

Fate of Trichloroethylene in Activated Sludge Systems. W. Bedford and H. Melcer. Page 403

An Investigation of the Distribution of Trihalomethanes Within GAC Contactors. R.C. Andrews, P.M. Huck and L. Gammie. Page 412

Anaerobic Semi-Continuous Culture Biodegradation of Dichlorophenols Containing an Ortho Chlorine. S.E. Hrudey, E. Knettig, P.M. Fedorak and S.A. Daignault. Page 427

Deemulsification of Water-in-Oil Emulsion with Sludges. N. Kosaric and Z. Duvnjak. Page 437

A Comparison of Anaerobic Reactors Operating With and Without the Addition of Sulfates. Barry L. Hilton and Jan A. Oleszkiewicz. Page 444

Removal of Organic Carbon and Chlorine from a Kraft Mill Wastewater by Pretreatment with Catalyzed Ozone and Powdered Activated Carbon. R.A. Sierka and C.W. Bryant. Page 456

Benzene and Toluene Levels in the Upper St. Clair River. Michael E. Comba and Klaus L.E. Kaiser. Page 468

Treatment of Domestic Strength Wastewater with Anaerobic Hybrid Reactors. R.L. Droste, S.R. Guiot, S.S. Gorur and K.J. Kennedy. Page 474

Use of Peat in Septic Tank Effluent Treatment - Column Studies. Shahid Rana and T. Viraraghavan. Page 491