Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 21 Number 4

Next Issue: Vol. 22, No. 1, (1987)

Previous Issue: Vol. 21, No. 3, (1986)

Sediment and Ecosystem Characteristics of a Detention Lake Receiving Urban Runoff. A.C. Rownay, R.L. Droste and C.R. MacRae. Page 460

Bulk Deposition of Ions in the Turkey Lakes Watershed. R.G. Semkin and Dean S. Jeffries. Page 474

Adhesion and Growth of Anaerobic Biofilms on Ion Exchange Resins. R.F.G. Selle Sardi, W. Bulani, W.L. Cairns and N. Kosaric. Page 486

Description of Two Treatment Methods for Detoxifying Oil Sands Tailings Pond Water. M.D. MacKinnon and Hans Boerger. Page 496

Microbial Responses to Trace Elements and Nutrients in the St. Lawrence River. S.S. Rao and A. Mudroch. Page 513

Heavy Metal Effects on Marsh Treatment Systems. Robert M. Desjardins, Patricia L. Seyfried, and Garry Palmateer. Page 524

Water Research to 2020: Issues and Opportunities. Edwin D. Ongley. Page 536

Response of Anaerobic Filters to Toxic Organics. S.E. Salenieks and J.G. Henry. Page 547

Sediment Microbial Activity in Acidic and Non-Acidic Lakes. B. K. Burnison, S. S. Rao , A. A. Jurkovic and D. J. Nuttley. Page 560

Research Activities on Enhancement of Biochemical Processes in Sanitary Landfills. Rainer Stegmann and Hans-Henning Spendlin. Page 572

Organic and Inorganic Contaminants in the St. Lawrence River: Some Preliminary Results on Their Distribution. Ken R. Lum and Klaus L.E. Kaiser. Page 592