Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 21 Number 3

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Foreword. Tom McMillan. Page v

The St. Clair River Pollution Issue. G.K. Rodgers. Page 283

Bottom Sediments and Morphology of the Upper St. Clair River. Norman A. Rukavina. Page 295

Movement of Perchloroethylene in Flowing Water. Y. Lam Lau and J. Marsalek. Page 303

Gas Chromatographic/Mass Spectrometric (GC/MS) Identification of the Major Components of Non-aqueous Material from the St. Clair River. J. H. Carey and J. H. Hart. Page 309

Volatile Halocarbon Contaminant Survey of the St. Clair River. Klaus L.E. Kaiser and Michael E. Comba. Page 323

Measured and Modelled Chlorinated Contaminant Distributions in the St. Clair River Water. C.H. Chan, Y.L. Lau and B.G. Oliver. Page 332

Chlorinated Organics in Nearshore Waters and Tributaries of the St. Clair River. Barry G. Oliver and Klaus L.E. Kaiser. Page 344

An Investigation of the Quantity, Quality and Sources of Groundwater Seepage into the St. Clair River near Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Michael Sklash, Sharon Mason, Suzanne Scott and Chris Pugsley. Page 351

Chlorinated Contaminants in St. Clair River Sediments. Barry G. Oliver and Chris W. Pugsley. Page 368

Chlorinated Organic Contaminants on suspended Sediments in Lake St. Clair. Murray N. Charlton and Barry G. Oliver. Page 380

Hydrocarbons in St. Clair River Sediments. E. Nagy, J.H. Carey, J.H. Hart. Page 390

Fate and Transport Modelling of Perchloroethylene in the St. Clair River. John A. McCorquodale, Kamal Ibrahim and Dr. Yousry Hamdy. Page 398

Modelling the Pathways of Toxic Contaminants in the St. Clair-Detroit River System Using the Toxfate Model: The Fate of Perchloroethylene. Efraim Halfon. Page 411

Municipal Sources of Selected Trace Organics in Sarnia. Jiri Marsalek. Page 422

Point Sources of Toxic Organics to the Upper St. Clair River. Lawrence King and Griff Sherbin. Page 433

Drinking Water Surveillance Program in the St. Clair-Detroit River Area 1985/86. K.J. Roberts, R.B. Hunsinger and A.H. Vajdic. Page 447