Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 21 Number 2

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Evaluation of Reverse Osmosis for the Treatment of Oil Sands Produced Water. Anil K. Mehrotra and Abhijit Banerjee. Page 141

Application of a Nonparametric Approach for Monitoring and Detecting Trends in Water Quality Data for the St. Lawrence River. Michael D. Cailas, George Cavadias, and Ronald Gehr. Page 153

The Limnological Units of the Lower Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River Corridor and Their Role in the Source and Aquatic Fate of Toxic Contaminants. R.J. Allan. Page 168

Organic Extractables in Municipal Wastewater Vancouver, British Columbia. Ian H. Rogers, Ian K. Birtwell and George M. Kruzynski. Page 187

Hypolimnetic Aeration: An Overview. D.J. McQueen and D.R.S. Lean. Page 205

Organics Removal by Anaerobic-Aerobic Treatment of Potato-Processing Wastewater at Different Temperatures. K.C. Lin. Page 218

Heavy Metal and Organochlorine Contaminants in the Five Major Ontario Rivers of the Hudson Bay Lowland. Robert C. McCrea and John D. Fischer. Page 225

Benthic Communities in Five Major Rivers of the Hudson Bay Lowland, Canada. D. Campbell, R. Kwiatkowski, and R.C. McCrea. Page 235

Organochlorine Contaminants in Headwater Peatlands, and Selected Estuary Sites of the Moose River. Robert C. McCrea and Greg M. Wickware. Page 251

Inhibition of Nitrite Oxidation During Nitrification: Some Observations. S. Suthersan and J.J. Ganczarczyk. page 257

Priority Site Selection for Degraded Areas Based on Microbial and Toxicant Screening Tests. B.J. Dutka, K. Walsh, K.K. Kwan, A. El Shaarawi, D.L. Liu and K. Thompson. Page 267

Errata. Page 283