Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 20 Number 2

Next Issue: Vol. 20, No. 3, (1985)

Previous Issue: Vol. 20, No. 1, (1985)

An Approach to Recognizing Low Level Inorganic Contamination of Groundwaters in Shallow Sedimentary Aquifers. K.W.F. Howard. Page 1

Comparison of Fill-and-Draw Reactors for Treatment of Landfill Leachate. Sanjay Raina and Donald S. Mavinic. Page 12

Uptake and Depuration of Two Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Fluorene and Benzo(a)pyrene, in the Mussel Mytilus Edulis and the Diatom Phaeodactylum Tricornuteum. H.S. Majewski and E. Scherer. Page 29

Toxicity of Para-Chloro Substituted Benzene Derivatives in the Microtox™ Test. Klaus L.E. Kaiser, Juan M. Ribo and Brian M. Zaruk. Page 36

Non-Intrusive Estimation of Active Volume in Anaerobic Reactors. Eric R. Hall. Page 44

Pilot Scale Testing of a New Radium-226 Removal Process. W.B. Anderson, P.M. Huck, T.M.R. Meadley and T.P. Hynes. Page 55

Influence of Chloride on Kinetics of the Adsorption of Mercury (II) by Poorly Crystalline Al, Fe, Mn and Si Oxides. J.S. Wang, P.M. Huang, U.T. Hammer and W.K. Liaw. Page 68

Répartition spatiale des contaminants dans les sédiments du Lac St-Louis (Fleuve St. Laurent). V. Jarry, P. Ross, L. Champoux, H. Sloterdijk, A. Mudroch, Y. Couillard et F. Lavoie. Page 75

Transmission Electron Microscopy Applied to Water Fractionation Studies - A New Look at DOC. Gary G. Leppard. Page 100

Use of Low Pressure Mercury Lamps for the Photodecomposition of Iron Cyanide in Gold Mill Effluents. J.H. Carey and S.A. Zaidi. Page 111

Natural Removal of Cyanide in Gold Milling Effluents - Evaluation of Removal Kinetics. L. Simovic and W.J. Snodgrass. Page 120