Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 19 Number 2

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Aqueous Geochemistry of Radioactive Waste Disposal. Konrad B. Krauskopf. Page 1

Ground Water Flow Velocity Derived from Tritium Measurements at the Gloucester Landfill Site, Gloucester, Ontario. F.A. Michel, M. Kubasiewicz, R.J. Patterson and R.M. Brown. Page 13

Evidence for Non-equilibrium Adsorption of 90Sr from Ground Water. K.E. Lyon and R.J. Patterson. Page 23

Chemical Speciation of Long-Lived Radionuclides in a Shallow Ground Water Flow System. D.R. Champ, J.L. Young, D.E. Robertson and K.H. Abel. Page 35

Uranium Tailings Acidification and Subsurface Contaminant Migration in a Sand Aquifer. N.M. Dubrovsky, K.A. Morin, J.A. Cherry and D.J.A. Smyth. Page 55

The Port Grandby Radioactive Waste Management Site. R.F. Platford, A.G. Bobba and S.R. Joshi. Page 90

Sedimentation of Pb-210 in Laurentian Shield Lakes. R.J. Cornett, L. Chant and D. Link. Page 97

137-Cs, 226-Ra and Total U in Fish from Lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron and Superior during 1976-1982. S.R. Joshi. Page 110

Natural Radionuclides in the St. Lawrence River. M.D. Lupien and D. Grondin. Page 120

Spéciation de radionucléides dans les suspensoides du Fleuve St. Laurent. J. Turcotte, D. Grondin, J.-C. Roy and J.-E. Côté. Page 129