This document has two parts. The first part consists of an exhaustive list of books on the topic available in the libraries of the three institutions (McGill University, University of Montreal and the Canadian Centre for Architecture) that constitute the Institut de Recherche en l'Histoire de l'Architecture. The entries in this list are first divided according to the century (16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th), and further as primary and secondary sources where applicable. Complete bibliographical information of each book such as year and place of original publication, language of the text, year and type of edition of the present entry as well as its location and call number, is provided. The second part contains annotations of a select number of books from the above list, arranged in alphabetical order. The annotation provides a summary of the content of the book vis-à-vis the theoretical inquiry into the relationship between theatre and architecture. For 16th to 19th century treatises, the annotation also provides a detailed physical description of the book and illustrative graphics it may contain.


A few of the 16th and 17th century sources are original editions of festival books that record in image and in word, civic processions and royal entries conducted in cities and their ephemeral architectural settings. Others are facsimile editions (with introductions by 20th century historians of theatre) of technical treatises on theatre written by the architects of the time. Entries of the 18th and 19th centuries consist of both original and later editions of primary and secondary sources on theatre. Entries of the 20th century cover the major figures of the 20th century theatre and their key writings on the mise en scène and its reform. The entries highlight the discussions of theatre architecture by these figures and the instances of their collaboration with architects in theatre design and/or stage production.




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