Qurʼan in thuluth and Bihārī scripts.
Qurʼan in thuluth and Bihārī scripts.
An elephant folio Mughal Qurʾan measuring 575 x 325 mm. It
was executed in large fully vocalized thuluth and Bihārī scripts
and contains five double-page illuminations. The Bihārī hand has
characteristic large, extended bodies for such letters as ṣād/ḍād
and ṭāʾ/ẓāʾ, as well as triangular heads for fāʾ/qāf, ʿayn/ghayn and
wāw. The main text is enclosed in a ruled panel and surrounded
by two outer panels, the first containing selected key words
written in red and blue, the second, glosses in Persian arranged
in a zigzag form. The present copy was made in the 16th century,
most probably for a mosque.
RBD A29 Rare Books/Special Collections (McLennan Bldg, 4th floor)