Diploma of Muḥammad Tawfīq Afandī
Diploma of Muḥammad Tawfīq Afandī
A calligraphic piece (qiṭʿah) with two diplomas granted to
Muḥammad Tawfīq Afandī by Muḥammad Rashīd Shālijī-zādah
and Ḥusayn al-Ḥusnī in 1265/1848-9. The first half of the top line
in thuluth script on green background reads: Allāh walī al-tawfīq
– “God is the guarantor of success”, followed by the second half
in small naskh, reading wa-huwa niʿma al-Rafīq – “and what an
excellent Friend He is.” The diplomas can be seen inscribed in
two cartouches at the bottom of the composition in the script
known as ijāzah, with the letters alif and lām having strokes
protruding from their heads and wrapping around their shafts.
AC57 Rare Books/Special Collections (McLennan Bldg, 4th floor)