Diploma of Ḥasan al-Rushdī
Diploma of Ḥasan al-Rushdī
A unique illuminated small codex containing a diploma (ijāzah)
granted by the Egyptian calligrapher ʿAbd Allāh al-Anīs al-
Mawlawī (d.1746) to his student Ḥasan al-Rushdī in 1157/1744-
5. Ḥasan was a slave of ʿAlī Aghā, an Ottoman emissary who
had bought him in his youth and educated him in the art of
penmanship. He later married the daughter of his master
calligrapher and was declared the shaykh of calligraphers. The
main text is followed by 12 additional diplomas by such famous
Ottoman calligraphers of the day as Muḥammad al-Nūrī, Ismāʿīl
al-Zuhdī, Ḥasan al-Ḍiyāʾī, Ibrāhīm al-Riwaydī, Muḥammad al-
Azharī, and Muḥammad Najīb Ṣuyūlijī-zādah, who met Ḥasan in
Rosetta in 1163/1750.
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