Geschicte der zeichnenden Kunste von ihrer Wiederauflebung bis auf die neuesten Zeiten - Title Page

Fiorillo, Johann Dominik, 1748-1821.
Geschichte der zeichnenden Künste von ihrer Wiederauflebung bis auf die neuesten Zeiten. 5 v. Göttingen: bei Johann Georg Rosenbusch, 1798-1808.
Catalogue Number
ND450 F55 1798 Rare Book Division Max Stern Collection
This history of European painting (the "drawing arts" of the title refer to painting) is the earliest imprint in Karl Koetschau's library. It originally belonged to another collection: the inscription "ex libris Joan. Feiler" and handwritten spine labels (in English) are in each of the five volumes. Perhaps Koetschau acquired it second-hand. He added his bookplate and his stamp: Ex libris Caroli Koetschau.

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