Ausstellung zum 80 Geburtstag von Christian Rohlfs - Cover

Rohlfs, Christian, 1849-1938.
Ausstellung zum 80. Geburtstag von Christian Rohlfs: veranstaltet von der Stadt Hagen in den Räumen des Karl Ernst Osthaus-Bundes ... vom 22. Dez. 1929 bis 19. Januar 1930. Hagen: [Bald & Kruger, 1929].
Catalogue Number
ND588 R57 A4 1929 Rare Book Division Max Stern Collection
This exhibition catalogue contains the stamps of both Galerie Julius Stern and Dominion Gallery. Julius Stern was evidently interested in this unusual contemporary artist because this is not his only book on Rohlfs. It is not known whether he sold works by Rohlfs but he rarely sold art as modern as this. The artist was classed as "degenerate" by the Nazis and his works confiscated.

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