[Qalamdān] [قلمدان]
Bibliographic Citation:
[Qalamdān] [قلمدان]. [Kashmir] : [producer not identified], [1840?]
Decorated in the usual Persian Gul bul or bird and flower design typical of Persian painting.

Title devised by cataloguer.

"Nineteenth century circa 1840 Kalamdan, or Pen-holder. This Persian or North Indian piece of Papier-mache work is a reproduction of a very early type in which flowers and birds form the chief motif. Inside are a couple of the r[e]ed pens formerly (and now occasionally) employed in writing. Found in Srinagar, Kashmir, May 28, 1926."--Accompanying note in pen box.

Provenance: Found in Srinagar, Kashmir, 1926.

Physical Description:
image.writing instruments.colour 24.6 x 5.3 x 4.3 cm

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ميراث مكتوب فارسى The Persianate Literary Heritage
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Modern Persian
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