[Muraqqaʻ of nastaʻlīq]
Muḥammd Qāsim Tabrīzī, calligrapher.
Bibliographic Citation:
Muḥammd Qāsim Tabrīzī, calligrapher. [Muraqqaʻ of nastaʻlīq]. [Place of production not identified] : [Muḥammd Qāsim Tabrīzī], [1867]
Cream coloured paper cloud banding affixed to cardboard backing.

Gathered together in an envelop.

Citations/References: Gacek, Adam. 2013. Strokes and hairlines elegant writing and its place in Muslim book culture : an exhibition in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University, 36.

Title supplied by cataloguer.

Calligraphy album showing individual letterforms measured by means of rhombic dots, which was a standard method used for proportioned scripts.

Mashq is written under the calligrapher's signature signifying this muraqqaʻ is to be copied and used as a basis for other calligraphers.

Pages 3,4, and 6 wanting.

Includes signature of the calligrapher, Muḥammd Qāsim Tabrīzī.

Physical Description:
image.panel (ornament area).colour 11 x 10 cm.


is Part Of Exhibition:
ميراث مكتوب فارسى The Persianate Literary Heritage
Exhibition Theme:
Modern Arts of the Book
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