[al-Qurʼān]. [القرآن].
Between 1282 [1865 or 1866] and 1289 [1872 or 1873].
Bibliographic Citation:
[al-Qurʼān]. [القرآن]. Between 1282 [1865 or 1866] and 1289 [1872 or 1873].
First date appears at the end of the text (date of copying), and the second one appears in a statement on folio 409b.

Citations/References: Gacek, A Collection of Arabic Codices, 48.

Clipping of catalogue listing for this manuscript pasted on verso of 1st front fly-leaf and clipped catalogue illustration of front cover pasted on recto of 2nd front fly-leaf.

Presentation label on front pastedown: Presented to the Redpath Library McGill University by Lady Roddick; armorial bookplate in memoriam Peter Whiteford Redpath and Jocelyn Clifford Redpath affixed to front pastedown

Bound in lacquer covers without flap. Central panel on the upper and lower covers consists of an intricate flower design in colours heightened with gold.

Text enclosed in a golden frame with inner and outer deep-blue rules.Sūrah-headings enclosed in rectangular headpieces in deep-blue ink on gold background.Additional outer frame for marginal decorations and comments, including Sūrah numbering and short versions of Sūrah-headings placed in corners.

Codex opens with an illuminated double frontispiece in Kashmiri style. Similar double-illuminations on folios 184b-185a and 408b-409a.

The Qurʻanic text is in black ink and the Persian translation in red.

Written in a fully vocalized Western Indian Naskh hand with an interlinear Persian translation in Nastaʾlīq, 13 lines per page.

Fine, glossy and cream-coloured non-European paper with dense and regular lines.

Physical Description:
image.manuscript.colour 28.6 x 16.7 cm.


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ميراث مكتوب فارسى The Persianate Literary Heritage
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Modern Arts of the Book
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