Archives Nationales du Québec
Hudson's Bay Company Archives
National Archives of Canada

European Contact: Fur Trade Native American Bibliography
Source: Clarke Historical Library Central Michigan University
Fur Trade Reference Books

The Canoe:
The Canadian Canoe Museum
Portraits of the Great Fur Trade Canoes
Source: Canadian Museum of Civilisation

The Fur Trade and New France:
La Vérendrye: l'explorateur de l'Ouest
Source: Le Musée virtuel de la Nouvelle France
Le Musée virtuel de la Nouvelle France
Source: Canadian Museum of Civilisation

Historical Interpretation Centers:
White Oak Society, Inc
Source: White Oak Learning Centre & White Oak Fur Post Deer River, Minnesota
Northwest Journal
Source: The Northwest Journal focuses on the living history of the western Canadian fur trade from 1774 to 1821.

Library of Western Fur Trade Historical Source Documents
Source: The Mountain Men and the Fur Trade Virtual Research Center Project

Mountain Men, Fur Trappers
Source: American Western History Museums
Canadian Museum of Civilisation
Fur Trade Museum: Lachine, Quebec
McCord Museum of Canadian History
Fort William Historical Park
David M. Stewart Museum

Native Sites:
Native Technology
Source: Nativetech
The Métis
Source: The Other Métis

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