Project Manager:
David McKnight, Digital Collections Librarian

Project Curator and Editor :
Dr. Richard Virr, Curator of Manuscripts

Editorial Team:
James Medd, Associate editor
Louise Magistry, Assistant editor
Claire E. Gilbert
Julie Leclair
Milada Vlach

Transcription Team:
Ben Anderson
Charles Cardinal
Claire E. Gilbert
Frederick Klein
Julie Leclair
Louise Magistry
James Medd

Marie-Chantal Anctil, Pictorial Research
Sarah Curry, Research Assitant
Thoth Harris, Newspaper Research
Corrina Hagel, Newspaper Research
Chris Prince, Research Assistant
Matthieu Sossoyan, Historical Research

Project Writer:
Matthieu Sossoyan

Louise Filteau
Raynald Lepage

Web Design:
Zeenat Insaf
Sarwat Viquar

Elizabeth Thomson, Database Manager and Web Developer
Yiluo Song, Programming Assistant
Andrew Marcoux, Programming Intern, Vanier College

Emma Bedlington

Scanning Technicians:
Lorraine Carpenter
Corinna Hagel
Thoth Harris
Andrea Kennedy

Technical Support:
Marwan Al-Sabbagh
Glen Bedjanian
Eli Brown
Waqqas Kokhar
Stefan Lebel

Electronic Text Conversion:
Alain Lavoie, Irosoft, Inc
Marie-Hélène Vézina, Irosoft, Inc
Sébastien Paquette, Irosoft, Inc

McGill University:
Janet Lamontagne,
Hoda Trebechiari

McGill University Libraries:
Steven Broughton, Library Systems Office
Donna Hedge-Cormier, Budget Officer
Laura Mainella, Payroll Assistant
Irma Niemi, Administrative Assistant
Dulce Paiva, Business Office

McCord Museum of Canadian History | Musée McCord:
Dr. Victoria Dickenson
Marie-Chantal Anctil
Moira McCaffery
Stephanie Poisson
Nicole Vallières

David M. Stewart Museum:
Eileen Meillon, Librarian

Archives National du Québec:
Diane Baillargeon

Government of Canada:
Mme Lucienne Robillard

Hudson Bay History Foundation:
Mr. Linton Carter

Canadian Millennium Partnership Program:
France Gauthier
Dyette Gaulton John McCarnery, Project Officer

Ministère de la Culture et des Communications:
M. Richard Godbout
M. Richard David
M. Pierre Girardin

The Project Team would like to acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors for this project. Our financial partners include the Canadian Government's, Canadian Millennium Partnership Program ($62,500), and the Quebec Government's, Fonds de l'autoroute de l'information and the Ministère de la culture et de communication ($85,000) and, finally, the Hudson Bay History Foundation ($10,000).
We would like to acknowledge the contribution of our intellectual partners including the McCord Museum of Canadian History and the David Stewart Museum.
We would like to express our thanks to M. Alain Lavoie of IroSoft, whose company was responsible for the electronic conversion of the manuscript texts.
In addition the project team would like to express special thanks to Ginette Lamontagne and Hoda Tebechrani of the office of Governmental and Institutional Affairs,  McGill University, who were instrumental in keeping the lines of communication open between our governmental partners.
Finally, a special thanks to Mrs. Frances Groen, Director of Libraries and Mrs. Irena Murray, Curator-in-Chief, Rare Books and Special Collections Division without whose support through out has been greatly appreciated.

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