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MacVicar & Heriot (active 1898-1923)
Architects: Donald Norman MacVicar (1869-1929)
Works in Database: Sherwin-Williams Company Limited
Caron Building
Warehouses of Howe & McIntyre
Other Known Works: Clarence J. McCuaig Residence (Sherbrooke St., 1899)
Lewis Skaife Residence (Montreal)
Mussen Building (Notre Dame St., 1905)
New Sherbrooke Apartments (Sherbrooke St., 1905)
Prince of Wales Fusiliers Armory (Esplanade)
Notes: Sometimes referenced as McVicar. MacVicar and Heriot had offices in the Canada Life Building, Montreal.

Gersovitz, Julia. "Montreal Architects 1870-1914." MontrĂ©al: McGill University. School of Architecture, 1980: 47. 
Location: McGill University Library.
Note: Unpublished student paper.


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