Industrial Architecture Montreal 



  Redpath Sugar Refinery

1720, rue du Canal;

Former Name: Canada Sugar Refinery
Architect: Ostell, John
Building Type: refinery
Begun: 1854
Completed: 1856
Alterations: 1871, 1879, 1892, 1908, 1912, 1925
Alteration Architect: George A. Drummond (1871)
Demolished: 1982
Note: Construction began on the refinery in 1854. In 1871, George Drummond, manager of the refinery, designed and built a new wing east of the existing buildings. After closing in 1876 due to a depression, the refinery reopened in 1879 and began expansion and modernisation of its facilities. A new refinery was built in 1892 and in 1908 the original refinery was torn down and a new six-story building was constructed on the old building's foundations. A seven story building was added in 1912 and a new boiler house and packing building built in 1925. The refinery closed in 1979 and in 1982 the site was subject to partial demolition. In 1999 controversy arose over proposals to convert refinery into condominiums.


View, looking east, from St-Gabriel Lock (1999)
View, looking east, from the canal's north shore (1999)
View of Redpath building and St-Gabriel Lock, with the Five Roses plant visible in the background (1999)
Illustration of the refinery from 1904; from Montreal: The Commercial Metropolis of Canada and the History of the Gazette 1778-1907 (Montreal: Gazette Printing, 1907), 216.
View, looking west, at former office buildings (1999)


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