The McGill David Hume Collection

Successful Candidates

Successful Candidates

Those awarded a McGill David Hume Collection Research Grant are expected to commit themselves to full-time research on the project outlined in their applications. No teaching is permitted, and grantees are to make no more than two public presentations of their work during the tenure of their Grant. Scholars may at their own expense return to their homes and families during their tenure as a MDHCRG holder, but to receive full value of the Grant they must be physically present in Montreal for no less than 90 days during the term for which the award is given. Each MDHCRG holder will also be asked to provide a brief summary of the work completed during his or her time at McGill. Grantees are encouraged to supplement this summary with drafts of the work completed in Montreal . Grantees are also asked to acknowledge the support of the Grant in publications for which this support was instrumental, and to send copies of such publications to the Rare Books and Special Collections Division for inclusion in the David Hume Collection.

Note: The Rare Books and Special Collections Division of the McGill Library is open only from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, and is closed on statutory holidays. Consequently, MDHCRG holders may wish to equip themselves with a laptop computer for evening and weekend use.

Allowable Expenses

Funds from a McGill David Hume Collection Research Grant may be used for:

  • Costs of transportation for one return trip from the grantee's home base to Montreal;
  • Costs of taxis or airport transport to a maximum of $100;
  • Costs of accommodation in Montreal;
  • Costs of research supplies, including photocopying and scanning, to a maximum of $1000.

Receipts for these expenses must be submitted to the designated McGill University Library office.

In addition, grantees may claim, without receipts, $10 per diem for incidentals (maximum $900).

Reimbursements for other expenses will be considered, but requests for this support must be approved beforehand by the McGill University Library.

Requests for travel advances to cover costs of transportation will be considered, but ordinarily expenses will be reimbursed on a monthly basis as receipts are submitted.

Funds from the grant may in no circumstances be used to replace salary or to purchase books or computers and computer-related hardware or software.