The McGill David Hume Collection

Contemporary and Historical Comments

Supplement to the Life of David Hume, Esquire
Containing Genuine Anecdotes, and a circum-
stantial Account of his
Death and Funeral.
To Which is added, a certified Copy of his
last Will and Testament.
1s. Bew.

     A certain instinct or principle in Human Nature makes us desirous of knowing minutely every particular concerning the lives and deaths of those persons, who have distinguished themselves in an eminent manner upon the theatre of the world, and there results from thence a peculiar gratification of the mind. That Mr. Hume has rendered himself conspicuous by his life and writings, need not be insisted upon; and those persons who received iatisfaction [sic] from the Account he gave of his own Life, will be equally pleased with this Supplement. Indeed, without this supplement the Life cannot said to be complete. Facts are given in the latter, which Mr. Hume could not with modesty dwell upon. Besides, the circumstantial Account given of Mr. Hume's Death and Funeral, are unquestionably genuine. To all these is added, an exact Copy of Mr. Hume's last Will and Testament, which of itself will be esteemed of more value by the Curious, than all the money demanded for this whole pamphlet.

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