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Company Name: Ontario Hydro
Note: The Ontario Legislature passed the Power Commission Act in 1906, and the Hydro-Electric Power Commission was created. In 1974, The Power Corporation Act replaced the Power Commission Act and the Hydro-Electric Power Commission was recreated as Ontario Hydro (as it had been known informally), a crown corporation governed by a board of directors. The new corporation was subject to scrutiny by the Ontario Energy Board. In 1999, Ontario Hydro was restructured in accordance with the Energy Competition Act. The company was restructured into three separate companies: Ontario Power Generation, The Ontario Hydro Services Company and the Independent Market Operator. In 2000, Ontario Hydro Services Company was re-branded as Hydro One Inc. Hydro One became a corporate holding company with five subsidiaries: Hydro One Networks Inc., Hydro One Remote Communities Inc., Hydro One Markets Inc., Hydro One Telecom Inc., and Ontario Hydro Energy Inc.
Incorporated: 1906
SEDAR: Current reports for this company are available in SEDAR
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