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Corporate Reports

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Company Name: Lafarge Canada Inc.
Note: Canada Cement Company, Limited was incorporated in 1927. The company’s name changed to Canada Cement Lafarge Ltd. in 1970. The name changed to Lafarge Canada Inc. in 1988. The company’s name changed to Lafarge North America Inc. in 2001.
Incorporated: 1927
SEDAR: Current reports for this company are available in SEDAR
Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Canada Cement Lafarge Ltd. changed its name to Lafarge Canada Inc., 1988 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 3521 Hydraulic Cement Industry
3542 Structural Concrete Products Industry
3551 Ready-Mix Concrete Industry
2721 Asphalt Roofing Industry
See Also: Lafarge Corporation
Canada Cement Company, Limited
Canada Cement Lafarge Ltd.
Standard Industries Ltd.
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