Corporate Reports
Corporate Reports

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Company Name: David & Frère Limitée
Note: David & Frère, Ltée was incorporated in Quebec in 1928. In 1967, all shares were acquired by Hershey Chocolate of Canada Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hershey Chocolate Corp.
Incorporated: 1928
Holding(s): 1951b
1928 (1.1MB)1929 (1.4MB)1930 (1.7MB)1931 (1.6MB)
1932 (1.6MB)1933 (1.5MB)1934 (1.5MB)1935 (1.5MB)
1936 (1.4MB)1937 (1.2MB)1938 (1.2MB)1940 (1.6MB)
1941 (2.9MB)1942 (3.1MB)1944 (2MB)1945 (2.3MB)
1946 (2.3MB)1947 (1.6MB)1948 (2.7MB)1949 (2.7MB)
1950 (2.3MB)1951 (2.9MB)1952 (2.9MB)
1953 (5.4MB)1954 (5.1MB)1955 (3.9MB)1956 (2.3MB)
1957 (2.2MB)1958 (2.1MB)1959 (2.9MB)1960 (3MB)
1961 (2MB)1962 (2.9MB)1963 (2.9MB)1964 (2.9MB)
1965 (4.8MB)1966 (5.2MB)1967 (5.8MB)
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