Hospital Name: Reddy Memorial Hospital
Address: 4039 rue Tupper, Montréal, Québec.
MUC Location: Westmount
Religious Affiliation: secular

Architect: Unknown
Incorporation Date: 1870
Closing Date: The hospital closed February, 1997. Emergency closed December, 1996.
1. Plans completed for a $5.6-million renovation that was not implemented since the hospital was selected to close in 1997: 1995.~(Gazette [Montreal] 20 May, 1995)
The renovations were to involve the relocation of the emergency ward, the centralization of all surgical services on the sixth floor, including the addition of 19 beds for active geriatric patients. The hospital planned to continue to maintain one third of the facilities (64 beds) for acute care long-term patients who would be housed on the fourth floor.
241 beds in 1995
General Notes: The hospital was established in 1870 as the Women's Hospital. Under a new charter in 1946, it became the Herbert Reddy Memorial Hospital, admitting both male and female patients. In the 1970s it was renamed the Reddy Memorial. "Herbert Reddy was unlikely to forget his first official visit to the hospital. He found the patients on straw mattresses that had not been changed for about year. Medical science of the time decreed that straw mattresses should be changed every month. Dr. Reddy ordered they be changed immediately. After three successive visits, when he found no action had been taken, he acted himself. He threw the mattresses out the windows. Passers-by were astonished to see them flying through the air."~(Gazette [Montreal] 27 May 1995)
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Affiliated Buildings:
Women's General Hospital