1923 1924 1925-1926 1930
Hasting Convalescent Home Gift of Mrs. Thomas Hastings
New Pathology Building: The Royal Institute for the Advancement of Learning Nobbs & Hyde, Stevens & Lee Built on the east side of University Street.
The Royal Victoria Montreal Matenity Hospital Pavilion Stevens & Lee Harkness, Loudon & Hertlberg: Structural Engineers; E.G.M. Cape & Co.: General Contractor; John Colford: Heating;
New Interns' Residence Ross & Mcdonald Bremner Norris Co. Ltd.: General Contractors; Reid & Cambridge Ltd.: Plumbing, Heating and Ventilation; G.R. Locker & Co.: Marble and Tile; A. Poirer: Plasterwork; Perfection Glass Co. Ltd.: Windows and Glasswork. Constructed on the foundations of the Old Isolation Hospital, which was the original laundry building to the north of the Administration Block.