LAWSON & LITTLE: Among other projects, Lawson & Little were the designers of the Log Chateau, Montebello, Quebec, which was later named the Seigniory Club and is currently known as the Hotel Chateau Montebello.

HAROLD LAWSON: (1885-1969)

Born in New York City, Lawson was educated at the Pratt Institute. Prior to establishing his private practice in 1919, Lawson worked for various firms in New York and Montreal including Brown and Vallance. He established the firm of Lawson and Little, with Harold Little, in 1922.Among Lawson’ commissions are several Bell Telephone Company of Canada buildings in Montreal and the Seigniory Club at Lucerne-in-Quebec.Following Little’s death in 1949, Lawson joined Randolph C. Betts in the firm Lawson and Betts.He married Hermine Fontaine in 1916 and remained married until her death in 1955.Lawson retired from practice in 1961.

HAROLD LITTLE: (1887-1948)

Born in London, Ontario, H.R. Little was educated at the McGill University School of Architecture where he received a degree in 1910. As an architect he supervised large-scale construction work in Calgary and later worked for the Merchants Bank of Canada. In Montreal he practised privately and in partnership with Harold Lawson, designing a number of branches of the Bank of Montreal. Little also taught in the School of Architecture at McGill University.


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