Following her schooling in Dresden from 1894 to 1897, Gwendolen Marjorie Howard attended Highfield boarding school for young ladies until 1899. Located in Golders Green, Hendon Parish, north of London, the school was opened in 1863 by two spinster sisters, Anna Sophia and Fanny Metcalfe. According to the British Victorian history scholar, Janet Howarth, by the 1890s Highfield was a well established and highly regarded boarding school for upper-middle class young women, educating them according to Anglican social and moral principles.

The photographs taken at or near Highfield feature Marjorie and her schoolmates, often wearing the plain full length dresses and woven boater hats which formed the school uniform. Several of the images also show various members of the school staff, the school campus, and the countryside surrounding the former estate house.

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