During the period in which the majority of the images in this collection were taken, Dr William Osler was a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore (1889-1905) and Regius Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford (1905-1919). As a graduate (1872) and professor (1874-1884) in McGill University's Faculty of Medicine, he had been a student and then colleague of Gwendolen Marjorie Howard's father, Robert Palmer Howard, who was a mentor to him. After Palmer Howard's death, Dr Osler and his wife, Grace Revere Osler, felt a responsibility to look out for the young Howard children. In addition to maintaining a correspondence with Dr Osler and his family, the remnants of which demonstrate their interest in her life choices and well being, Marjorie frequently visited the Oslers and their son Revere in Baltimore. Her brother Campbell was pursuing medical training at Johns Hopkins after having finished his initial medical studies at McGill in 1902. It was during one of these visits to Baltimore that the Oslers introduced Marjorie to her future husband, Thomas B. Futcher, a young Canadian physician on Osler's staff. She also vacationed with the Oslers at Murray Bay, Quebec. Marjorie also travelled to Britain to see Dr Osler and his family several times after he was appointed Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford in 1905.

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