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Volume 11 (2003)

Previous Issue: Vol. 10 (1998)

Editorial. A.J. Hobbins. Page 5

A Tribute to Montague Cohen. Marika Asimakopulos and Frances Groen. Page 6

A Tribute to Margery Trenholme. Frances Groen. Page 9

The Gates of McGill: An Unpublished Novel of the 1920's by 'Dink' Carroll. Robert H. Michel. Page 12

The Legacy of William Bell Malloch, M.D.: The McGill, Moose Factory and McCord Connection. Cath Oberholtzer. Page 61

Paradise Lost: The Merchant Princes and the Destruction of Smyrna, 1922. A.J. Hobbins. Page 96

Edward Black Greenshields: The McGill Connection. Gordon Burr. Page 129

E. Godfrey Burr and his Contributions to Canadian Wartime Research: A Profile. Marc Richard. Page 144

Peter and Grace Redpath: Collectors and Benefactors. Peter F. McNally. Page 152

Anna Dawson Harrington's Memoir of Her Father Sir William Dawson, 1900. Robert H. Michel. Page 174

Contributors. Page 185

Index to Fontanus, volumes I-X. Lonnie Weatherby. Page 187

Guidelines for Authors. Page 213

Fontanus Publications. Page 214

Peter felt his economics course coming magically to life.
Winter laid determined seige to the land... The transportation companies advertized special excursion trains up north.
The Arts Building, refurbished a number of times, was the original building of the University.
This was the proper setting for football heroics. Football field, Molson Stadium, Royal Victoria Hospital and Mount Royal.