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Volume 8 (1995)

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Editorial. Hans Möller. Page 7

In Memoriam, Max Dunbar (1914-1995). Page 8

In Memoriam, John Peters Humphrey (1905-1995) Page 10

Women in the University: The Fourth Phase. Margaret Gillett. Page 13

Isabella Christine McLennan. Rosemary Turpin. Page 27

That Best Portion of a Good Woman's Life: Gertrude Mudge, 1886-1958. Peter Hanlon. Page 48

Sir William Macdonald: an Unfinished Portrait. Stanley Frost and Robert Michel. Page 58

Rescue of Jews from Annihilation: Resistance and Responsibility in Nazi-Occupied Denmark. Hans Möller. Page 91

Deluxe Devotional Prayer Books: A McGill Book of Hours. Maria L. Brendel. Page 109

Humphrey and the Old Revolution: Human Rights in the Age of Mistrust. A.J. Hobbins. Page 121

John Stephenson's Secret. Martin A. Entin. Page 137

Notes and Comments. Page 147

A Russian Diplomat in China: The Papers of Petr Genrikhovich Tiedemann at McGill. Alexander Berdnikov. Page 147

Chronicle. Page 157

Peter felt his economics course coming magically to life.
Winter laid determined seige to the land... The transportation companies advertized special excursion trains up north.
The Arts Building, refurbished a number of times, was the original building of the University.
This was the proper setting for football heroics. Football field, Molson Stadium, Royal Victoria Hospital and Mount Royal.