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Volume 6 (1993)

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Introduction. Eric Ormsby. Page 5

Celebrating Peter Redpath and His Library. The Editors. Page 7

In Memoriam: Peter Redpath. Sir William Dawson. Page 7

Munificent, Wise and Thoughtful Gifts: Grace and Peter Redpath and the Redpath Tracts. Allan Bell. Page 45

Dignified and Picturesque: Redpath Libraryin 1893. Peter F. McNally. Page 69

The Redpath Hall: The Portraits. Stanley Brice Frost. Page 85

Pseudochristus: A Religious Romance, 1649-1650. Robert Michel. Page 97

Canadian Unity and Quebec in 1942: A Roundtable Discussion among John Humphrey, Hugh MacLennan and Emile Vaillancourt. A.J. Hobbins. Page 119

Notes and Comments. Page 143

The Redpath Family and the McGill Libraries' Collections. Martin Cohen. Page 143

Redpath Hall and the Faculty of Music. John Grew. Page 147

The Austin 'Dink' Carroll Papers in the University Archives. Robert Michel. Page 149

History of the Polish Institute Library in Montreal. Hanna Papius. Page 157

Important Addition to the McCord's Furniture Collection. Conrad E.W. Graham. Page 162

Chronicle. Page 165

Errata. Page 176

Peter felt his economics course coming magically to life.
Winter laid determined seige to the land... The transportation companies advertized special excursion trains up north.
The Arts Building, refurbished a number of times, was the original building of the University.
This was the proper setting for football heroics. Football field, Molson Stadium, Royal Victoria Hospital and Mount Royal.